Cafcass publishes an easy-read version of its Annual Report


Cafcass has published its Annual Report in an easy-to-read format for the first time. This version highlights the key information from our full annual report in a more accessible way.

The easy-read version summarises the 92 pages of the full report in just 12 pages and covers seven key topics. It is a quick but reliable way to find out about the work of Cafcass and its work in the last financial year.

Readers can learn about the number of children Cafcass works with, how we monitor and improve the quality of our work and the contribution we make to the family justice sector.

Building on from the full report, the easy read relies more on infographics to convey information. It also breaks down complex information into summary form. Readers can select key words and see their definitions and the report has a glossary to help explain terms further.

The full version of the report, called the Annual Report and Accounts 2016-17, was approved by the Cafcass Board in June and laid before Parliament in July.

The full report was praised by the National Audit Office for its presentation of data and its graphic design. The easy-read version shows the same commitment to clarity and accessibility and will help this important information reach a wider audience.


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