Cafcass shortlisted for Civil Service Diversity & Inclusion Awards


Margaret Obi, Family Court Adviser and Equality and Diversity Ambassador at Cafcass, has been nominated for a Civil Service Diversity & Inclusion Award.

Margaret has been shortlisted in the category Championing Race Equality for the work she has done to raise awareness of diversity issues in child protection and social work at Cafcass.

She has organised events to mark Black History Month, coordinated fundraising for charities supporting BAME people and has drawn attention to differing cultural practices and our duty to consider them in our work.

Speaking about her place on the shortlist, Margaret said: “Being shortlisted for the Civil Service Diversity & Inclusion Awards is an appreciation of all the hard work everyone has put in together. Kudos to all my Diversity Champion colleagues.”

“I know I have this natural knack for peeling back layers, finding hidden treasures and building and mending bridges,” she continued. “Cafcass has equipped me with the vital skills to fine-tune these hidden treasures.”

Margaret’s work has improved social work practice at Cafcass and increased the confidence of practitioners in addressing diversity issues. After this success at Cafcass, Margaret was able to share what she had learned with local authorities to improve diversity and inclusion measures in the greater Essex region.

The Civil Service Diversity and Inclusion Awards are in their 11th year and recognise those who champion difference and make their organisations better places to work in. The winners are announced in a ceremony on 13th October.


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