Cafcass’ email addresses are changing from 13th March 2018


As part of Cafcass updating its IT infrastructure and moving to cloud services, we are removing ‘.gsi’ from our email addresses. Our email addresses will now take the form

This change will take place from 13th March 2018. Please make sure you update your records and remove the ‘.gsi’.

Please be aware that any emails sent to ‘.gsi’ addresses after this change may not be received.


Email addresses are changing across government

Over the next few years, the government is phasing out ‘.gsi’ from email addresses. Many government departments and agencies have already made this change as part of implementing new guidance on securing government email.

Our simplified email addresses will be at least as secure as the current ones.

Please see our FAQs for more information.




I was hoping to find out if cafcass have any mediation services available before I next go to trial

i am trying to access a received item however i cannot get the code to access the message. i have requested the code on a number of occasions over the past few days from a number of PC’s and kept receiving a message that the verification code was sent, however nothing received. i have already raised this issue but yet to receive a reply.

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