Teresa Williams starts as Cafcass’ Director of Strategy

“Cafcass can be the engine of change across the family justice system”

Teresa Williams has started as Cafcass’ new Director of Strategy. Teresa joins from the Nuffield Foundation where she spent more than five years, most recently as Director, Justice and Welfare.

In addition to overseeing Cafcass’ strategic objectives, Teresa will also be leading Cafcass’ input on the Nuffield Foundation’s Family Justice Observatory, which aims to improve the use of data and research evidence in the family justice system.

Teresa brings a wealth of experience having worked in research roles across government and the justice sector previously. Before joining Nuffield, Teresa was Head of Access to Justice Analytical Services and Chief Researcher at the Ministry of Justice. She has also been a researcher at senior levels in the Home Office, the Government Social Research Unit at the Treasury, and the then-Department of Social Security. Teresa began her career as a quantitative researcher at the National Centre for Social Research.

Commenting on her new role, Teresa said: “I jumped at the chance to join Cafcass, given its strong commitment to evidence-based practice to improve outcomes for children and families. Cafcass has a unique opportunity – with its national perspective, skilled workforce, investment in research and data, and commitment to innovation – to be the engine of change across the family justice system and wider family policy. I am really looking forward to working with staff across the organisation to make that happen.”

Cafcass’ Chief Executive, Anthony Douglas, added: “Teresa is a high-performing top strategist in our sector and can help us to drive our own service and the family justice system forward as we seek to find the best ways to help some of the most vulnerable children in the country.”


As an accountant I would be pleased to contribute a customers validation of any research and I would ask that all data is shared publically to build trust. As an alienated parent- I would add that parental alienation needs to be addressed urgently as it breaks down the fabric of society in a permanent way and deprives children of their basic human rights. Please develop and compell staff to recognise, assess, guide alienating parents and raise these behaviours with the courts. The standard response that the resident parents says they want to facilitate contact but in practice finds every way to disrupt it is disingenuous and is not ‘evidence’ there is no alienation. The best evidence if alienation is where there is unequal contact with both parents and the non resident parent seeks more contact.

Yes please address PA, but please let’s find quicker and more effective ways to maintain contact than the Family Court. The time lost to children and the stress they must endure is outrageous. Mediation doesn’t work, but arbitration might.

Please address Parental Alienation. Children are growing up with only half the love and support that they deserve. Parental Aliebation is Child Abuse. Please protect our children.

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