Edward Timpson announced as new Cafcass Chair

Chief Executive Anthony Douglas welcomes new appointment on behalf of Cafcass.

Edward Timpson CBE has been appointed as the new Chair of Cafcass. His appointment will begin on 9th April, running to 8th April 2021.

The former MP for Crewe and Nantwich (2008-2017) held roles as the Minister of State for Children and Families (2015-2016) and Minister of State for Vulnerable Children and Families at the Department for Education (2016-2017). He was also the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Children and Families between 2012 and 2015.

Before entering Parliament, Edward spent ten years working as a family law barrister specialising in children’s cases. Growing up, his family fostered 90 children over 30 years and he has two adopted brothers.

Edward replaces Baroness Tyler of Enfield whose six-year tenure ended last week.

Cafcass’ Chief Executive Anthony Douglas welcomed Edward’s appointment:

“We are looking forward to working with Edward on issues affecting not just Cafcass but the whole of the family justice system. It was great working with him as a Minister and the whole of Cafcass is delighted with his appointment, coming on top of our outstanding rating from Ofsted. Edward’s personal and professional background, added to his political nous, will help us to keep growing and developing as a voice of the child-based service.”

Edward Timpson CBE said:

“I’m thrilled to take on the role of Chair of Cafcass, an organisation I’ve been involved with all the way from my family fostering whilst growing up to my time as Children’s Minister. As a former family law barrister I know just how complex and crucial the work of Cafcass is. I’m looking forward to supporting all those who help provide an outstanding service for children in need of our help, as well as ensuring Cafcass is at the forefront of the innovation and positive reform needed in our family justice system.”

Baroness Tyler said:

“I wish everyone the very best for the next stretch of Cafcass’ journey and the challenges and opportunities it will bring. I am sure Edward will be as proud to hold the role as I have been, and I look forward to following the organisation and the Board as they continue to grow on the next leg and strengthened by Cafcass’ latest Ofsted achievement.”


What’s done can’t be undone so let’s all press him for change repeatedly.
The family justice system is broken. I have never known so much parental alienation which is by the way child abuse without question. As a seasoned professional I am staggered that parents find themselves locked into the madness of court for years without even seeing their children subject to psy assessments by clinicians, questioned, made to attend vile stigmatising contact centres watched over like criminals and observed like animals in a zoo. I’ve worked in this environment for 35 years and am heart broken at the distress we collectively heap on firstly the children and alienated parents. The system is broken. I’m also fed up of hearing about Timpson’s association with fostering. So what? Thousands of amazing foster carers don’t get celebrated. What does he want a pat on the back. He will be even worse for business. So Mr Timpson I’m going to send you a letter and ask what reforms you are going to be putting in place to stop the circus of years of court proceedings for alienated parents and their children. Children deserve better and more. The End.

Mr Timpson, I would certainly like to comment on your strategy that innovates and captures the reforms of the family justice system, if one exists. There is too much talking and not enough doing. The family justice system isn’t the only one that needs to addressed and this cannot be done in isolation.It is the policy behind these systems that needs to be addressed and that includes from the start; the registration of birth, education, the divorce/separation, mediation, parental alienation, child benefit, child maintenance, universal credit. Children are not able to determine their wants and wishes and this barbaric and cruel act should be very clearly analysed against the impacts it has on families and extended families. The family court should be transparent in their hearings. Public records shared across courts as it is a postcode lottery of what judge decides the contact for a parent, what CAFCASS officer you get and what solicitor determined on the client they are representing whether they believe in Parental Abuse. Professionals in my opinion are all out to make as much money as they possibly can, and drag it out for as long as they can, completely ignoring the children at the heart of all this agro.

Agree totally with Marks comments! Very sad day indeed! His track record is awful… frying pan into fire!!

I hope someone within the Cafcass corrupt network really understand what a failing organisation Cafcass actually is.
The stories I read every day are heart breaking. You continuously get it wrong every time. You base your section 7 reports on what you believe not on facts or evidence.
Children are being put in danger!!!
I don’t agree with parental alienation, but when a parent has been abusive towards a child mentally or physically they should loose their rights.
Domestic abuse is serious, but it seems to have been brushed under the carpet. WHY??? IT’S A CRIMINAL OFFENCE. most family law cases should be thrown out and be seen as criminal law!
So my advice to you cafcass is no matter how many OBES or other fancy titles you might have, you are not qualified to deal with every case. So pass them on to someone that does. Otherwise more children and good parents will end up dead!

I am so hoping that someone with your vast experience will address parental alienation – unfortunately the training and the high conflict pathway has not reached your people who are representing children and therfore their true feelings are not being heard. Vulnerable children in high conflict situations, where there are no safe guarding issues should not be given the responsibility of choice as to whether they see a non resident parent. Can you imagine the anxiety this would cause them if they had to return to an angry disappointed resident parent and say I told cafcass I wanted to see my dad! (I only say dad as in most cases it is I do appreciate it is sometimes mom) These children are in a no win situation and it must be stopped because it is damaging and harmful to their mental well being – I implore you please let these children have both parents in their lives. If you need any evidence please see the post on Facebook families need fathers dated 30/3/18 it is painful to read the stories detailed in the comments and proves cafcass has not addressed parental alienation

We believe this is very positive appointment and ask that Mr Timpson contact us as soon as possible. There is much work to do together.

a former barrister, but is he up to speed in #ParentalAlienation #AlienaciónParental #ParentalAlienación

Surely this should read “Edward’s personal and professional background, added to his political nous, will help us to keep growing and developing as a scream of the child-based service.”

Edward Timpson was wholly ineffective in his Ministerial role substantively demonstrated by his short tenure. He failed routinely to respond to substantive correspondence – choosing to ignore opportunities to engage & advance an argument.

Terrible news for children. I am sure CAFCASS will attract significant attention with this appointment.

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