Sir Andrew McFarlane appointed as new President of the Family Division

Cafcass’ Chief Executive “delighted” with appointment

Sir Andrew McFarlaneSir Andrew McFarlane has been appointed as the President of the Family Division from 28 July 2018. He will take over from Sir James Munby who retires the day before.

Sir Andrew was called to the Bar in 1977 and took Silk (Queen’s Counsel) in 1998. He was appointed a Recorder in 1995, a Deputy High Court Judge in 2000, and a High Court Judge in the Family Division in 2005. Sir Andrew has been a Lord Justice of Appeal in England and Wales since 2011.

Among his many achievements, Sir Andrew co-wrote Children Law and Practice which coincided with the enactment of the Children Act 1989 in 1991. He was also the only legal member of the 2011 Family Justice Review and is the judicial representative for the current sector-led Care Crisis Review financed by the Nuffield Foundation, which is due to report this summer.

Commenting on the appointment, Cafcass’ Chief Executive Anthony Douglas said: “I am delighted with Sir Andrew McFarlane’s appointment. I have worked with him for a number of years and look forward to this continuing in his new role. He will be as formidable a President as Sir James Munby, albeit in a different way, I have no doubt about that.”



Cafcass is only able to become involved in a case if we are ordered to do so by the court. We are sorry we are unable to be more help.

I have only just found this cafcass page can I ask if you can sort out parental consent. My granddaughter has asked that she be with me. The local Social Services are aware of this but have still insisted that she stays with them. She is 10 and has only made it this far because she did come to me most of the time. Returning for school only. Now she has to stop with her mom and dad.
[Edited by moderator, comment contained information about an individual case]

We wanted to incorporate and consider feedback from a range of groups, some of who we were unable to see until mid-May. Our website was been updated to reflect that we will be sharing our work on our website this summer.

I’m so looking forward to seeing the High Conflict Practice Pathway being introduced in Spring 2018 which will include Parental Alienation, only 22 days to go Cafcass, when Spring ends. I would be very keen to hear if you are going to make that deadline….

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