Cafcass Open Board Meeting

Cafcass’ Open Board Meeting is taking place on Friday 15th June 2018 from 10:30am to 12:30pm in central London. The meeting agenda will include discussion of general business including reporting from the Chair of the Board and its sub-committees, the Chief Executive and the Family Justice Young People’s Board.

Stakeholders from the Family Justice Board, voluntary sector and other agencies and organisations in and around our sector who may have an interest in our services and the work we undertake have been invited to attend.  Individuals are also able to attend, but pre-registration is required. Please contact web enquiries to express interest in attending.


Is your comment page no longer accepting comments? Usually when I do so it shows that my comment is under review, before being published, however this appears to be broken. I’d like to understand if this is the real reason?

The damaging impact of parental conflict and alienating behaviours are well known. The High Conflict Practice Pathway has been developed to provide a clearer framework for the robust assessment of the impact of such behaviours on children and to help practitioners see more closely what is happening in each case. The pathway enhances our existing practice tools such as the Impact of parental conflict tool, guidance and research available to our practitioners in these cases, as well as introducing new resources. It supports the accurate and early identification of exactly what is happening for each child, distinguishing between parental alienation and the justified rejection of a parent by a child due to inappropriate or harmful behaviour. As with all of our work, the pathway keeps the child’s needs, wishes and feelings central to the recommendations we make to the court on who they should live with or spend time with. For further information on the pathway please see our website page here:

I would echo miss m ‘s comments. You can add yet another family that you have destroyed last week by your failure to address parental alienation and failure to ensure proper checks are carried out before a hearing. A systemic willful ignorance of PA and coercive control and in these failures it is promoting child abuse. The organisation is wholly negligent and not fit for purpose.

Cafcass. How many of your officers are now trained in parental alienation to date? It seems to be very few. As with the above poster yet another father recommended indirect contact due to a mother influencing the children. Wake up and smell the coffee. These children are being left to grow up in an emotionally abusive relationship and cafcass has sealed their fate. They speak to you with fear that the mother will be angry if they don’t say what she wants. Look beneath the surface. Listen to what the children do not say as well as what they do say. Watch out for red flags. When you meet a previously alienated young adult who has carried the guilt and shame of their own bad mouthing of the rejected parent and watched them while they suffer suicidality due to the process you only need to meet one. You would never make the same mistake again
Please please train your officers.

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