Cafcass lawyer discusses the guardian’s role in medical treatment cases

Cafcass’ Head of Legal, Melanie Carew, has explained the role of the guardian in medical treatment cases involving children.

Last night, BBC Radio 4 aired In the Child’s Best Interests, which explored the medical, legal and ethical challenges when treatment is withdrawn from a critically ill child, and how and when that decision should be made.

Speaking about the important role the children’s guardian has in these cases, Melanie said: “The guardian will be able to look at social aspects, psychological, emotional, all the aspects of that child’s interests, and be able to report to the court the child’s life experience.”

She added that the guardian reports on discussions with the family and the nursing staff, how the child may or may not interact with its environment, and how loved the child is.

Melanie went on to explain the importance of the child having an independent voice and an independent advocate amidst differing views about what is in the child’s best interests.

You can listen to the full show here.

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