Cafcass marks 30th anniversary of The Children Act 1989

November 2019 marks the 30th anniversary of the passing of the Children Act 1989, a landmark piece of legislation for children and families going through the family courts and for social work practice in this country. The act was implemented in October 1991 and made the welfare of the child the court’s ‘paramount’ concern.

Throughout November Cafcass will join the Law Commission, Baroness Hale and others to play its part in marking the anniversary of a law which ushered in a new culture of children’s welfare and brought public and private law together in one statute.

Cafcass has recently launched its Strategic Plan for 2019-23 and will use the anniversary of the Children’s Act as an opportunity for dialogue around the legislation’s continuing influence on the work we do with children and families. Staff who were training, qualifying or newly qualified when the recommendations of the Act came into force in 1991 will stimulate this debate by sharing their recollections across the organisation and via our social media channels.


Congratulations on all your hard work for children across the UK. I understand you get much flack and you do a tough job. So thank you. Please can I ask that you during meetings take on board the urgency of training for Parental alienation. It is a heinous crime that needs addressing for so many different people as well as kids. Parents to grandparents to family members also suffer. The impact on the kids as they grow is seriously damaging. Thank you

Every single CAFCASS officer and staff needs to attend a deep understanding course which will enable them to quickly and efficiently identify coercive control – not some lip service training.

This will help all parties to potential proceedings obtain a fair and true outcome.

Try The Freedom Programme for a starting place.

Hope cafcass and the courts are taking advice of the “talk for britain” campaign to help children from depression and anxiety as the children certainly don’t have a voice at present i am merely a grandparent told it has nothing to do with me i strongly disagree with cafcass and the courts who are badly informed by cafcass

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