Co-Parent Hub launched

After two successful pilots, Cafcass has worked collaboratively with the Ministry of Justice and OnePlusOne to launch the Co-Parent Hub (CPH), a free online resource for separated families linking together expertise from across the family justice system.

CPH provides families with clear information and useful online tools to help them negotiate child arrangements, and sustain effective co-parenting relationships, in the best interests of the child.

Separated parents can create an account on the Co-Parent Hub to access the online parenting plan and the Getting it Right for Children programme, as well interactive goal setting and bookmarking features. There is also trusted information on alternative options for dispute resolutions, and on many other more specific issues that parents may face in their personal situation.

During each pilot separated parents and families were signposted to CPH by Family Court Advisers. The findings showed that parents were positive about the Co-Parent Hub, with 100% of those asked saying they would recommend it to a friend.

The Co-Parent Hub has been launched in part to support families during this period of COVID-19 lockdown restrictions, which has caused face-to-face services to stop. This launch is also part of our longer-term aim to work closely with partners across the family justice sector to develop a single point of access for parents looking for information about the family courts, the support available to them and options for dispute resolution.

Chief Executive of Cafcass, Jacky Tiotto said:

“We know that during these very challenging times in which we find ourselves, parents will be wanting the best for their children. We’re really pleased therefore to launch this hub for separated families, to help them to maintain their co-parenting arrangements during the Pandemic and beyond. We are hearing regularly from parents that there are additional challenges to shared parenting at this time and we hope the information on the Co-Parent Hub will go some way to help them make the best possible arrangements for each child involved. I’d like to thank colleagues at the Ministry of Justice and OnePlusOne for helping us to launch this hub. It is one of many examples of great partnership and shared endeavour in the interests of children – long may it continue! It would be lovely to hear some feedback from parents using the hub at [email protected]

For more information about the Co-Parent Hub please visit the website


Very few initiatives help everyone, and where one parent is hostile to children having contact that would benefit them there remains no alternative to robust action.

But this is surely a most welcome step for well motivated parents whose difficulties are potentially soluble. And it goes back to that, sadly underdeveloped, final ‘S’ in CAFCASS – Support.

Will children have access to it? And what safeguards are in place to prevent obvious things that could go awry?
Or is there a case for a separate hub for them? One thinks of that research many years ago by the Rowntree Foundation that found that half the children of parents living apart wanted to see their ‘other parent’ more than they did.
Is there.should there be, a service for them?

Hi this is a very progressive way to help mildly alienated parents negotiate and communicate with a parent who is motivated to do the same. However when there is a pathological intent to stop all contact and the child has sustained long term poisoning under coercive control combined with attachment issues (one parent continued to have child sleep in the same bed into adolescence) means that this framework approach will by description not work as the alienating parent will most likely have an underlying borderline personality disorder. Are there progressive ways being decided on the matter of Severe Parental Alienation for the children’s welfare? Kind Regards Mr Nick Reynolds.

I think this services is really good I work for a local authority where so children are missing out on having contact with a parent or their Families. Therefore, I believe this is a very good service, and I will be recommending this services to the families.

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