Further consultation on remote and hybrid hearings in the family court

In April, the Nuffield Family Justice Observatory with the President of the Family Division carried out a rapid consultation on remote hearings in the family court and received feedback from over 1000 parents, carers and professionals. The subsequent report included many insights and suggestions for good practice which was welcomed by the President of the Family Division and was widely seen to be helpful and informative.

It is now clear that while some physical hearings are taking place, social distancing will continue to apply. Many hearings continue to take place over video links or by phone and will do so for many more months to come. The system is still adjusting to these changes and challenges from the backlog of cases.

As a result, the President of the Family Division welcomes a second, follow-up survey of how the system is working. Cafcass is encouraging parents, carers and professionals to participate in the consultation and to share their views.

The link to the consultation is at: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/HD8PT9T

A report which will summarise the results of the consultation is expected in mid-October.

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