Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

We’ve been celebrating Black History Month throughout October at Cafcass. Our focus is on continuing to promote safe and informative discussions across the organisation to enable us to improve our use and understanding of heritage in our reports to the family courts.

We want to enhance how we describe the uniqueness of every child’s experience and our first step will be to consider this for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic children. We are also celebrating Black history in social work and focussing on Black pioneers who have had an impact on social work practice. As the issue of increasing demand and pressure on the family court system continues, it’s important that we focus on the right things and we believe Equality, Diversity and Inclusion are very much part of what we need to prioritise in the challenging year ahead.

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October 2020 was a good month considering the challenging circumstances we find ourselves as a result of Covid-19. There was much sharing, listening, viewing and reading in accordance with BHM; I found powerful the narrative of Lemn Sissay’s My Name Is Why. “….authentic and beautiful, a potential game changer in public attitudes to children raised in care. Don’t miss it”, The Times. “A fascinating memoir…..so powerful”, said Elif Shafak.

Discussions continued within Focus Groups, teams and Diversity conferences around the country as to who we can further improve Cafcass’ services to Black children and their families.

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