Cafcass welcomes the announcement of new Ofsted inspections

Launched in October 2020, Ofsted began a consultation seeking views on proposals for a more effective and proportionate approach to its inspections of Cafcass. Outlined in a report published today (17 March), Ofsted announced that it will be introducing a new approach.

The consultation heard a range of views from parents, families and professionals working in the family courts, receiving over 300 respondents. The updated approach will align Cafcass inspections with Ofsted’s other inspections of children’s social care services.

The new Ofsted approach includes:

  • a three-yearly national judgement inspection;
  • focused visits between judgement inspections, looking at a specific area of service / cohort of children;
  • annual sharing of a self-evaluation of frontline practice in both public and private law
    an annual engagement meeting between Ofsted and the Cafcass chief executive and senior leadership team.

The new approach will take effect from 1 April 2021 and will be reviewed by Ofsted during the early stages of the roll out.

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