Putting children and young people first in the family courts


Family Justice Young People's Board


Who are we?


Hello, we are the Family JusFJYPB transparenttice Young People’s Board (FJYPB). We are a group of over 50 children and young people aged between 7 and 25 years old who live across England and Wales. All of our members have either had direct experience of the family justice system or have an interest in children’s rights and the family courts.


Our overall aim is to support the work of the Family Justice Board which is to deliver improvements to the family justice system so that it provides the best result for children who come into contact with the family justice system.


We work hard to help ensure that the work of the Family Justice Board is child centred and child-inclusive by enabling young people to have a direct say in its work by participating in all meetings. In doing this we work closely with other young people’s groups and stakeholders within family justice.


Read our Terms of Reference.


 FJYPB group shot

"I really enjoy being a member of the FYJPB. It is really fun and amazing, it has so many rewards and we have the privilege of working with some really awesome people. I stand tall and proud as a member of the FYJPB and I feel united with fellow members at getting our voices heard. It's amazing to see our voices and the voices of other children having an impact on key services for children and young people. We are helping to change our futures and how children are both seen and heard”

Matthew, aged 14 – FJYPB Member



"“Being part of the FYJPB is a brilliant amazing and awesome opportunity. I take part in lots of interesting projects representing and making sure the child's voice is heard. It's a very rewarding role and is a fabulous and fun opportunity”.

Hana, aged 8 – FJYPB Member



Our work


We work to promote the voice of children and young people that experience family breakdown including those children and young people who are involved in family court proceedings. We do this by actively taking part in various meetings, projects and events, working together with various agencies and organisations. Below are a few examples of what we do.


Sharing personal experiences of proceedings

Members bravely share their experiences to professionals to highlight the areas in which improvement is needed.


Professionals training

Deliver presentations and targeted and interactive workshops.

FJYPB Superhero group


Consultations and research

The FJYPB take part in funded research projects. Members will share views and opinions at targeted consultations.



  • Cafcass offices
  • Court reviews
  • National Association of Child Contact Centres


Our achievements


FJYPB's National Charter

Our FJYPB ‘National Charter’ aims to strengthen professional practice and sets out the aspirations that children and young people want from family justice services such as the Ministry of Justice, Department for Education, the Judiciary (judges and magistrates) and many more. We're working with all family justice organisations to implement the Charter and make these aspirations a reality. It is our aim that our charter will help improve children and young people’s experience of the family courts and dispute resolution services.


Our Glossary

We have put together a very useful glossary explaining some of the words and phrases which children and young people may hear about during a family court case and may have difficulty understanding. We are currently working to update our glossary.


Our top tips for professionals

We have developed a range of Top Tips aimed at professionals working with children and young people. Check out our Top Tips posters and short films below:


Aleesha has cerebral palsy and has such a positive outlook to her abilities and wanted to ensure that professionals understood the delicate and complex needs that children and young people with physical disabilities may have.


Matthew has based his tips on his own experiences of working with professionals throughout his court proceedings and education. Matthew shared his top tips at last year’s Voice of the Child Conference (2016) which were really well received.


Sasha has worked closely with the rest of the Board to develop key top tips for Cafcass Practitioners working with children and young people to encourage best practice.


Watch this space! We are currently developing more top tips focussing on:

  • Working with The Children’s Society to produce a set of top tips for professionals working with migrant and refugee children and young people.
  • Top Tips focussing on best practice when working with brother and sisters


Sorting out separation video

Some of our Board members worked with the Department of Work and Pensions to help develop the video to encourage parents to focus on their child when they are separating


Our Annual Voice of Child Conference


Our annual FJYPB Voice of the Child conference is completely led, organised and run by members of the FJYPB, with an audience of about 200 delegates including senior figures and a range of professions working in family justice.


Our goal is to bring together the key professionals in the family justice world to deliver speeches, participate in a panel discussion and lead workshops that are idea-focused and on a wide range of key family justice topics. As well as providing the opportunity to interact with and learn from board members and fellow attendees to discuss how to implement best practice when working with children and young people.

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