Feedback and complaints for young people

We really want to know what you thought about the work that we did with you. This is so we can improve the service we provide to other children and young people who may be going through a similar experience to you.


How to provide feedback


You can fill out the forms below and send them to us at: Feedback, Cafcass National Business Centre Milburn Hill Road, Warwick Science Park Coventry CV4 7JJ

Or click here to fill in our website form.


Feedback form for younger children

Feedback form for older children


What happens next?


If you have told us about a concern or something that you feel we have done wrong, we will contact you and offer for you to meet with a manager, so you can discuss your concerns or complaint with them directly. The manager will listen and be respectful and can meet you at a time and place that is convenient for you.


How did we handle your feedback? Tell us what you think


It would be helpful if you could let us know how we did when you gave us feedback. It’s important we know so that we can make sure it is easy for other children and young people to also tell us how we did.

Young people's complaints feedback form: how did we do?


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