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The Family Justice Young People’s Board (FJYPB) helped Cafcass design a survey for children and young people (aged 7 and over) to let us know what they think about Cafcass. These surveys are sent out, via parents, as part of regular reviews of each service area to help us assess strengths and identify areas for development.

Cafcass really want to know how our service has impacted children and their families, and so does the FJYPB:


“We work together as the Family Justice Young People’s Board to make things better for children and young people who are going through the family justice system – but we can’t do it alone! We need your feedback from your own experience so that you can help us to make it better for other children and young people who are in the same situation as you”.  –  Bethany, FJYPB member


The survey has 10 questions and there is space for extra comments if the person completing the survey wants to share more.

  1. I understood why I had to meet with my Family Court Adviser:  Yes/No
  2. Before I met my Family Court Adviser I felt:  Worried/OK/Happy
  3. My Family Court Adviser made me feel:  Worried/OK/Happy
  4. I felt comfortable talking to my Family Court Adviser about my wishes and feelings:  Not very/OK/Very
  5. I felt that my Family Court Adviser listened to me:  Yes/No
  6. I would give Cafcass a star rating of:  Not good/OK/Good
  7. What Cafcass did well for me (you can pick as many as you want):
    • I felt listened to
    • I felt my views were shared with the court
    • I felt that I was helped to understand what was going on
    • I felt things got better between my parents.
    • I don’t want to say
    • Other (please say what this is
  8. Do you think Cafcass could do anything better?  Yes/No
  9. I think things in my family are better for me now than they were before:  Yes/No
  10. Since my case ended I have felt:  Worried/OK/Happy


Extra information: the responses to the surveys are used across Cafcass to help improve our service for children. Any information given to us is treated confidentially and is not shared with any third parties. If those taking the survey agree, their views may be included in our published materials to show how Cafcass is learning. However, these would be anonymised and no information that would enable identification would be published. Please contact [email protected] if you have any questions.

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