Child Contact Interventions

Child Contact Interventions (CCIs) are short-term interventions of supervised contact. They are designed to help adults and children establish safe and beneficial contact when this is difficult to do on their own. CCIs should be a learning opportunity for parents with reference to Planning Together for Children and Behaviour Modelling Training (Getting it Right for Children) applied in the context of child contact.


Referral by Cafcass to a CCI

The Cafcass Family Court Adviser will make a CCI referral when they assess that the child should be spending time with a parent or adult, but they are not doing so for whatever reason. CCIs can be effective in cases where:

  • parental conflict is intractable and needs positive practical reframing
  • contact has lapsed and needs support to re-establish
  • there are risk issues which need to be further assessed.

The focus of CCIs is to provide a positive contact experience for the child and allow for them to develop ongoing and positive contact in the future.

CCIs are funded by Cafcass and delivered by the National Association of Child Contact Centres (NACCC) accredited partner organisations which are listed in the Directory of Providers.

Independent use of supervised contact

Supervised contact can be accessed by families independently of Cafcass. For non-Cafcass commissioned contact services, we recommend that only NACCC accredited providers should be used. A list of accredited providers can be found on the NACCC website.


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