Cafcass Positive co-Parenting Programme

Our Positive co-Parenting Programme pilot is a 12-week programme for families which provides structured sessions to parents in family proceedings which involve medium to high conflict. It aims to promote positive change, improve communication between parents and reduce the emotional harm experienced by the child. It encourages parents to place themselves in their children’s shoes so they can understand the impact of their behaviour. We use restorative practice principles to help the child recover with the support, where possible, of both parents.

A number of our FCAs have been trained to deliver the programme and it is being piloted across the country in Rule 16.4 cases assessed to be suitable. Cafcass identifies those cases which might benefit from the programme. This is then discussed with the judge for each case and if agreed, the case is allocated to one of the practitioners trained in the programme.

We are currently undertaking further work to refine the design and implementation of the pilot and will undertake an impact evaluation from Spring 2019.


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