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If you are going through a divorce or separation or need to sort out arrangements for your children, Advicenow can help. Advicenow is a website run by the charity Law for Life. They provide useful information that aims to give you the knowledge, confidence and skills you need to deal with all the process, getting the right sort of help.

Advicenow has two types of guides.

  • Their ‘Survival Guides’ can help you understand divorce and family mediation, agree arrangements for your children, how to divide the money and property when you divorce, or sort out parental responsibility issues. These guides can help you to have the information and confidence to make your own decisions.  They also explain how you can work out what is ‘fair’ and how to use mediation to help you come to agreements if you cannot do it without help.
  • Their ‘How to’ guides can help you through the court process if you cannot agree.

Most Advicenow guides and films are completely free, and those few they do charge for are available for free to people on low incomes.

Advicenow know that many people can’t afford to pay a solicitor to help, and that they need to do as much as possible themselves to save money. But if you are going to court or trying to sort out something really important like how you will share your money and property after a divorce, there are times in the process when it is incredibly useful to get a bit of expert help from a family lawyer. To help with this, they have teamed up with Resolution to provide a panel of expert family solicitors that can help you at the most important points of the process for a fixed, low-cost fee. You see up front what you will get out of the appointment and exactly how much it will cost – so that you can be certain you can afford it. Appointments are offered over the phone or using WhatsApp, Facetime, Zoom or Skype.

Go to and check out their resources for yourself. Advicenow also has guides to help you deal with benefit and housing problems, and other kinds of family difficulty such as getting an injunction if you have been the victim of domestic abuse.

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