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Adopting a child? Find out more about Cafcass' role. How long do care and supervision applications take?


Cafcass care and supervision application duration, by Designated Family Judge (DFJ) area

Cafcass collects information on the length of time is takes to complete care and supervision applications. Please note this changed from previous information provided, which was based soley in care applications.

The duration is measured from when the application is issued to when the application completes. Applications may be in relation to one child only, or many children. All average durations are presented to the nearest whole week and calculated from the total number of calendar days it takes to complete.

Please note the colour bands have changed:

Cafcass produces ‘heat maps’, showing how each Designated Family Judge (DFJ) area is performing in relation to the revised PLO target of 26 weeks. The traffic light colours whether the DFJ is meeting the target, 26 weeks or less, near to target 27 - 29 weeks, or 30 weeks or more. Please click here for details on how the calculations are made.

The same duration information is also summarised in a table by the Local Authority (LA) which displays the quarterly trend as well as the whole year average durations. Please click here to view the table.


Latest quarter

2017 - 18 Q1 April - June 2017

In Q1 of 2017-18 the national average for care and supervision (s31) application duration is 31 calendar weeks, this is consistent with the previous quarter. Year-End 2016-17, average s31 duration was 29 weeks. The maps are available to download via the link below.

Q1 1718

All data has been updated on the 15th May 2017. Only maps that have been updated are available. Please refer to the DFJ Duration Trend file for historical information (see below).


Previous quarters

Q1 1718 DFJ Heat Map

Q4 1617 DFJ Heat Map

Q3 1617 DFJ Heat Map

Q2 1617 DFJ Heat Map

Q1 1617 DFJ Heat Map

DFJ Duration Trend History


Previous years

The average for 2016-17 is 29 calendar weeks, this is down by 1 week on the two previous years.

The average for 2015-16 is 30 calendar weeks, this is the same as the average duration for the previous year.

The average for 2014-15 is 30 calendar weeks, a seven week reduction compared to the average of 37 weeks for 2013-14

The average for 2013-14 was 37 calendar weeks, an eleven week reduction compared to the average of 48 calendar weeks for 2012-13.

The average for 2012-13 was 48 weeks, a nine week reduction compared to the average of 57 weeks for 2011-12.

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