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Information for children, including stories from children we've worked with. 

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Information and resources for adults, including professionals. 

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Information for teenagers, including videos and other resources. 

Have you received a letter from Cafcass?

Click on the link below to find our more about what might happen next in your case, depending on what the court has asked Cafcass to do.

Received a letter from Cafcass

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29 Aug

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  • Finding the facts: truth or fiction
    The evolving nature of the story of baby Gammy, the twin with Downs Syndrome born to a Thai surro...
    By: Chief Executive Anthony Douglas
    21 August 2014
  • When family life is in the foreground
    Home life should tick over in the background for children, allowing them to grow up in the outsid...
    By: Chief Executive Anthony Douglas
    14 July 2014

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Families' stories 

Read about Spencer, a dad who had separated from his partner, and his experience of Cafcass and the family courts.
Spencer's story




Going through the family courts may be a confusing time, especially for children and young people. To read stories from Ellie and other children and young people we have worked with, click the link below.
Young people's stories

See what children & young people have to say about Cafcass

We also have two videos for grown-ups to help them understand the work we might be asked to do by the court in divorce and separation cases.

Click here to learn about our work in private law

What happens when you get a letter from Cafcass?

Who are we?

Cafcass looks after the interests of children involved in family proceedings. We work with children and their families, and then advise the courts on what we consider to be in the best interests of individual children.

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Separating and want a tool to help you work out arrangements for your children?

The Parenting Plan will help.                         

Read the Parenting Plan here

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