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Children and young people feedback line: 0808 175 3333

Cafcass advises the family courts about the welfare of children and what is in their best interests

For every child whose current and future living arrangements are decided by the family courts, we seek to provide an exceptional experience, everywhere, and every time. We prioritise their safety and welfare, their voices and their unique needs, taking full account of their families and those connected to them.

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Children and young people

We make sure that your voices are heard in the family court and that decisions are taken in your best interests. This section of our website is for you to find out more about us and to see what happens when your family has to go to a family court.

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Parents, carers and family members

If your family is involved in the family court, we have a range of information  for parents, carers and other family members. We explain how we will work with you and your child and how our role is to make sure that decisions taken in the family court are taken in their best interests.

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Professionals working within the family justice system

We are committed to working collaboratively with our partners across the family justice system to improve the experience and outcomes for children in family court proceedings. We have a range of information and resources for professionals.

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