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Supporting your child through divorce and separation

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Listening to your child’s voice after separation  

There is a lot happening after separating from your partner. It can often be a time of high emotion and high conflict.  

While you might be doing your best to protect your child from the impact of separation, children will often pick up on many of these emotions and experiences and might need to talk about the situation. Children can feel caught in the middle between their parents.  

With all that is happening during and after separation, some parents may be focusing on the routine of day-to-day parenting without really listening to what their children are telling them.  

This guidance is intended to help you, as a parent or carer, think about what you can do to listen carefully and be in the best position to respond to what your child says.  

We have provided some simple steps you can take to listen and respond to your child, some of which you might find easier than others.  

You might also find it helpful to look at the Parenting Plan, if you have not done so already.