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FJYPB Book: In Our Shoes

The FJYPB has documented the stories of its members for several years in their ‘In Our Shoes’ series, capturing informative details of the experiences of young people in their journeys through the family courts.

Cover of FJYPB book 'In our shoes' - shows a path along hills with trees on top.

These stories have now been collected in the book ‘In Our Shoes – experiences of children and young people in the family justice system.’

The book provides a unique learning and reflection opportunity for any professional working in the family justice system. It’s a chance to understand what it’s really like to walk in the shoes of children and young people as they navigate often difficult family situations.

The engaging and diverse first-person testimonies of children and young people cover their experiences of family court proceedings, family conflict, and health and wellbeing, as well as demonstrating the positive impact that determined listening can have. Sometimes a challenging read, this book asks the reader to reflect on their interactions with young people, it’s a catalyst for change.

You can download a PDF version of the book here.