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Parent, carer or family member

Welcome to the section of our website that provides information, advice and guidance for parents, carers and family members of children involved in family law proceedings. It is part of our role to provide advice to children and families, as well as to the family court.

Parent carer family member

This section is divided into private law (when a child’s parents or carers are separating/divorcing and cannot agree arrangements for their child) and public law proceedings (when a local authority is worried about the welfare and safety of a child). 

The courts appoint a social worker employed or contracted by us to engage with you and your child. In private law proceedings the social worker is appointed as a Family Court Adviser (FCA). In public law proceedings, the social worker is appointed as a Children’s Guardian (your child’s guardian until the court makes a decision about their best interests). 

FCAs and Guardians make sure that the voice of your child is heard by the court and that decisions about them are taken in their best interests.