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Our strategic priorities

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Our strategic priorities: 2023-26

This section sets out Cafcass’ strategic priorities, including our workforce strategy and our programme of work to address our equality, diversity and inclusion objectives. 

Our current strategic priorities are set out in our strategic plan for 2023-2026 - Ambitious for children: exceptional experiences for every child, everywhere and every time. We have nine strategic priorities that relate to our direct work with children and their families, to our colleagues who work at Cafcass, and to our work with partners. Our new plan sets out the difference we want children to experience in their engagement with us, what we are asking of ourselves and how we propose to measure success.

Our practice ambition is to provide all children with an exceptional experience of their engagement with us.  We will do this by providing their family court advisers or children’s guardians with the management support, supervision and oversight they need to make effective and consistent use of our practice framework and associated practice aids and our practice quality standards

Our people ambition is to provide the leadership professional development and working environment that our colleagues need. We will invest in career and learning pathways, maximise our reward, recognition and learning offer, and build capability to drive efficiency, further improvement and system reform.  

Our partner ambition is to continue to collaborate and work together on family justice system recovery, specifically to tackle delay for children in proceedings.  We will also seek the views and perspectives of partners on improving children’s and families’ experiences of proceedings and associated support services.    

We have also produced a summary version of our strategy.