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Our Social Work Academy

Cafcass Social Work Academy

The Cafcass Social Work Academy aims to develop good practice, inspire new ways of working and shape the training, recruitment and retention of social work staff. We want Newly Qualified Social Workers (NQSWs) to feel confident in their skills. That takes time and support, which is why we have created our Social Work Academy. 

Over three years, NQSWs will develop their practice in a safe environment alongside an empowering network of peers. During this time, they will gain hands-on experience and a respected qualification (with credits towards a Masters degree). However, we know that it takes more than that to achieve professional maturity. And that is why the Academy also offers outstanding support through mentors and a wider team that includes 78 practice educators that support our students. 

Why we developed a Social Work Academy 

We are the largest employer of social workers in the country. As a large national organisation, we have a responsibility to support and contribute nationally to the sector to ensure we play our part in facilitating developments, training and opportunities in the social work profession. 

It also makes economic sense for us to ensure we have a pipeline of high-quality social workers who can be trained and developed to deliver the quality standards that we expect and require. It makes it easier for us to recruit in areas where it is traditionally hard for us to attract qualified social workers. 

Joining the Social Work Academy 

We are not currently accepting applications but if you would like to provide some basic information and register your interest so we can contact you when this changes, please fill in our online form