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Working for us as a social worker

A woman sits and speaks to a couple
“Staff are well supported to ensure that they can work in an environment that is conducive to achieving the best outcomes for families and children.”

— Cafcass staff member

No other organisation does the kind of work we do. Our role in working with children, young people and families in the family justice system is unique. 

Court. Schools. Family homes. Our offices. Your own home. Wherever you are working as a social worker, we will ensure you are able to do so in a healthy environment that promotes flexibility, self-care, and a great work-life balance. Plus, with a range of rewards and benefits on offer, you will have all the support you need to maximise your capabilities – and to make lasting, positive differences to the children and families with whom we work. 

Our ‘Together with children and families’ relationship-based practice framework sets out the importance to us of working with children and their families. It is based on developing trusting relationships, where listening, understanding, clear reasoning, respect and integrity are prioritised. The framework is intended to help everyone who works for us to do their best work with the children and families who are involved in private or public law court proceedings. 

Together is made up of values, how these values work in practice, the tools our staff use to incorporate these values in our work and the impact this will have on the children and families we serve. The following provides an overview of what it is like working for us including information on: 

  • ​​​​​Health and wellbeing 
  • Rewards and benefits 
  • Learning and development 
  • A healthy working environment 

Health and wellbeing 

Supporting the wellbeing of our colleagues is embedded within our organisational culture and has helped us successfully manage large increases in demands for our services over recent years. 

We are proud of our health and wellbeing offer. But we keep it under regular review and are committed to ensuring it continues to meet the needs of our social workers. 

Find out how we support you with your health and wellbeing: 

Rewards and benefits

We know if you join us you want to be rewarded in a variety of ways. You want time away from work to spend time with those important to you, manage your financial present and future and be trusted to manage your work/life balance.

Therefore, in addition to our unique, holistic approach to supporting your health and wellbeing we also have a comprehensive benefits package to supplement your salary which includes a London weighting allowance where applicable.

Find out more about the range of excellent benefits below

Learning and development

We encourage and support you to take responsibility for your own professional learning and development and work alongside you to help you achieve your goals. We take an approach which helps you to use your strengths and provides space for you to develop. We enable you to reflect upon, and discuss, your aspirations and support you to learn and achieve more.

A healthy working environment

We pride ourselves in working flexibly through the use of technology. We work hard to ensure that our staff have the tools to undertake their roles efficiently and effectively.