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My Cafcass Journey (what happened to me in my proceedings)

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Subject Access Requests and My Cafcass Journey

This page has information on Subject Access Requests (SARs) for children and young people during or after family court proceedings.

A Subject Access Request gives you the right to obtain copies of your personal information and can help you to understand how and why we used information about you. If you make a Subject Access Request, we will support you to help you understand how Cafcass was involved in your proceedings.

If you are currently involved in family court proceedings, and have questions, please speak to your Family Court Adviser or Guardian who may be able to help you.

If you would like to know more about your Cafcass journey during or after your family court proceedings have ended, or if they happened a long time ago, you may consider making a Subject Access Request.

Lots of young people decide that they want to find out more information about their family court proceedings when they are older. You can approach Cafcass either during or after court proceedings, but please be aware that in most cases we keep your information until the youngest child involved in your family’s court case reaches 25 years old.