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  • Supporting your children through divorce and separation

    5 July 2021

    Listening to your child’s voice after separation There is a lot happening after separating from your partner. It can often be a time of high emotion and often high conflict….

  • Young people call for change: understanding sibling relationships and how they’re reflected in family law

    18 January 2019

    …labels. Brothers and sisters in family proceedings can experience profound separation anxiety. Separation anxiety is traditionally understood as a strong feeling a child has when a parent leaves them. But…

  • Parenting together

    5 July 2021

    …There is information, activities to improve communication skills, and help with planning for you and your children. No matter what stage you are in your divorce proceedings or separation this…

  • Divorce and separation

    29 November 2017

    Parenting together If you’re splitting up, divorcing, or you’ve been separated for a while, you might find that sorting out the practicalities can feel overwhelming, especially if you have children….

  • Support for parents and carers

    5 July 2021

    In these pages you will find support for you, as parents or carers.  …

  • Planning parenting time after separation

    5 July 2021

    Every family is different. If you’ve separated from your partner, your plans for parenting time will depend on several factors: The ages of the children – young children suit a…

  • Coping with your child’s reactions

    5 July 2021

    Children react to separation and divorce different ways: They may feel partly responsible. They may feel stuck in the middle and powerless to do anything. They may become anxious and…

  • Support for grandparents

    6 July 2021

    …and grandchildren can thrive on that special relationship. After a parental divorce or separation, the grandparents’ role can shift dramatically and what was once taken for granted becomes fraught with…

  • Resources for parents and carers

    29 November 2017

    On this page you will find information, resources and links to organisations that could help with a range of different topics. Click the titles to see more….

  • Parental alienation

    29 November 2017

    Cases where children are resisting or refusing spending time with a parent When a child is resisting or refusing time with a parent/carer post-separation, there may be a number of…

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