Reports and strategies



Annual reports and accounts

Our annual reports and accounts are laid before Parliament and show how we performed each year and how we spent our budget.

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Quality accounts

Our quality accounts were produced annually until 2015-16 to show what steps we had taken to improve the quality of our services. This information is included within annual reports from 2016-17.


Board reports

These are our reports to the Cafcass Board, which include quarterly reports from the Chief Executive and the Family Justice Young People’s Board.

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Ofsted reports

Ofsted is responsible for inspecting Cafcass, focusing on the quality and effectiveness of Cafcass private and public law practice with families, the leadership and management of local services and the leadership and governance of the national organisation. Its most recent inspection report was released in 2014.



Strategic Plan 2019- 2023

Our strategic plan 2019-23 sets out our vision and values, and how our strategic objectives will help us work towards this vision and meet the needs of children and families.

We have also produced a summary version of our strategy.

Cafcass delivery priorities

The strategic delivery priorities implement the Cafcass strategic plan providing a more detailed view of the work Cafcass is currently prioritising to develop and improve its service for children, their families, and its services to the courts.

Diversity and inclusion strategy

This sets out our strategic priorities for diversity, inclusion and equality within our service provision to children and families, and as an employer to our staff. Our next strategy covering the period 2021-2024 is currently being developed.

Workforce strategy

This sets out our plans to ensure we have the right staff and the right support in place to meet the demand for our service.


Annual reports

Annual report and accounts 2019-20 The were approved by the Cafcass Board on 1 July 2020, subject to any changes from the National Audit Office […]

Board meetings and reports

Future Board meetings and publication dates The table below shows the dates on which the Cafcass Board is due to meet in 2021-2022 and the […]

Learning and Improvement Board

The Learning and Improvement Board oversees an improvement programme for Cafcass’ work with children and families who have experienced domestic abuse. The priorities for improvement […]

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