Annual reports

Annual report and accounts 2018-19


  • We worked with 133,850 children and young people across England
  • We continued to meet all of our KPIs, including allocation in public and private law, and report filing times for private law
  • Demand for private law increased by 5.6% compared with the previous financial year, and 8.9% higher than the cases received during 2016-17
  • Demand for public law decreased 4.8% compared with the previous financial year, and by 7.3% compared to the demand in 2016-17
  • The average duration of our involvement in public law increased from 29 weeks (2017-18) to 30 weeks, and in private law increased from 18 weeks to 19 weeks
  • 72% of cases audited were assessed as ‘outstanding’ or ‘good’, a 6% increase on 2017-18. Work graded as not meeting the required standards was 5% (481 cases) which was a decrease of 2% compared to 2017-18 (7%).

The Annual Report and Accounts 2018 - 2019 were approved by the Cafcass Board on 12 June, subject to any changes from the National Audit Office (NAO). The accounts were signed off by the NAO on 19 July, with no issues recorded.

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