As a public sector body we have a duty to consider economy, efficiency and effectiveness in everything we buy. We must also adhere to government and EU regulations relating to procurement.


Transparency of contracts and spend information


Government and EU procurement regulations require that we are open, fair and transparent about how we buy goods and services. This enables the public to hold public bodies and politicians to account. The transparency within government document explains these commitments relating to procurement and contracting in more detail.

Suppliers and organisations looking to bid for public sector business should be aware that when a contract award is made it will be published in the public domain. In some circumstances, limited redactions will be made to some contracts before they are published so that we comply with existing law and protect national security and personal privacy.

Live contracts see all live contracts currently used by Cafcass.


Procurement activities and public tenders


Wherever possible we work collaboratively with other public bodies, particularly with our sponsor the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) and with the Crown Commercial Service (CCS), part of the Cabinet Office.

The majority of our procurement requirements are channelled through pre-existing public sector framework agreements set up by the CCS. Any requirements which are not covered by existing agreements will go through a competitive process with tenders in excess of £25,000.

We enable electronic procurement in line with EU Procurement Guidance. We use the e-procurement portal “Pro Contract”. This can be accessed by potential suppliers to see new procurements and to complete the tender process. Please access the online portal to register your interest.


Prior information notice –

Cafcass intends to replace its Electronic Case Management System (ECMS) before October 2020. This is a mission critical system that most of our staff use most of the time, for recording, tracking and reporting on the work they do with children, families and court cases. Prior to running a procurement in 2019, we want to establish what possible solutions there might be to fit our requirements. Our new case management system will involve the following functions as an example:

  • an integration framework for back end, UI and public API, plus other external systems,
  • case management,
  • customer relationship management,
  • document management,
  • calendar management,
  • allocation of cases to teams and to individuals,
  • workflow and other related functionality,
  • security (appropriate to information classified as official),
  • flexibility to easily and quickly accommodate new and changing requirements and ease of adding integrations with new systems are key.

The system must be cloud based; we have no on-premises server infrastructure. We anticipate engaging one supplier to provide a system or integrated systems to meet these requirements. This could be a single system, or an integration of products from different suppliers.

This notice is for prior information only and is intended as pre-market engagement. We anticipate making further information available on our e-procurement portal w/c 17th December and intend to hold a supplier day on 08/11/2019 in London. Suppliers wishing to participate should register at and reserve a place at the supplier day.

Early registration would be much appreciated.

The PIN can be found at


Cafcass eProcurement portal


Following on from the most recent EU Procurement Guidance it is necessary for all Public Sector bodies to undertake procurement requirements via an electronic portal.

Cafcass use the eProcurement portal “Pro Contract”. This portal can be accessed by potential suppliers wishing to monitor when new procurements are posted. The system is also used for the complete Tender Process. Please access the online portal to register your interest.


Prompt payment information

Publication of performance   As a public sector body Cafcass must adhere to the Procurement Policy Note 03/16: Publication of Payment Performance Statistics which states […]

Spend information

This shows Cafcass transparency returns on all financial transactions spending over £25,000. It is updated monthly.  

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