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Congratulations to Marie-Anne Holland for being shortlisted for the Social Worker of the Year Awards


Social Worker of the Year Awards 2021 logo

Congratulations to Marie-Anne Holland who has been shortlisted in the Newly Qualified Social Worker of the Year category at the Social Worker of the Year Awards 2021.

The award is for students studying social work who show outstanding potential in their studies, demonstrating how they have surpassed expectations and have a thorough understanding of social work theory and practice.

Marie-Anne has been shortlisted for receiving excellent feedback from families and designing her own feedback form for children and young people. When her work draws to a close with the children and people, she asks  ‘Did you understand why I came to talk to you?, ‘Do you feel I listened to you?’ and ‘What could I have done differently and better?’.

We wish Marie-Anne the best of luck!