Feedback and complaints for adults

If you would like to give positive feedback about our work or about someone who works for us, please tell us. You can either tell your Cafcass worker or a manager at your local Cafcass office, or fill in this form.

Although we try hard to provide high quality services to children and their families, we know that sometimes you might be unhappy with the way we have worked with you. If you are unhappy, please tell your Cafcass worker or their manager as soon as possible so that they can quickly understand your concerns and try to put things right.

If you would like to make a complaint, please read the documents below to find out about our complaints procedure.

We are open to all feedback as part of our commitment to hearing directly from families and learning from their experiences. Your feedback, including complaints, is an opportunity to improve things. The following pointers may help you in writing your complaint and will help us in our investigation:

  • Try to keep your complaint to no more than two pages, using bullet points or headers if this helps you to structure your concerns;
  • Tell us what you are unhappy about. We understand that family court proceedings can be stressful, we will speak with you respectfully and we ask that you do the same;
  • Explain what you would like to achieve as a result of your complaint, such as an apology, an explanation, or an improvement in service;
  • Tell us what we could have done differently, to improve the experience of you and your family.

Please note that where you do not agree with our recommendations or assessment in a report for the court, you need to raise your concerns in court where they can be explored. These types of concerns can only be dealt with in court and not as part of our complaints process.


Contact us

  • By completing our contact form;
  • By calling 0300 456 4000;
  • By post to Customer Service Team – Cafcass, Customer Feedback Cafcass Post PO BOX 5076 Slough SL1 0RX.

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