Separated Parents Information Programme

Please note: the Separated Parents Information Programme (SPIP) is currently being delivered remotely only.

The Separated Parents Information Programme (SPIP) is a course which helps you understand how to put your children first while you are separating, even though you may be in dispute with your child’s other parent. The course helps parents learn the fundamental principles of how to manage conflict and difficulties.

You will not attend the same session as your ex-partner. In some areas it is free to attend – you can contact your local provider for more information.

If you wish to attend SPIP in Wales (where the equivalent is Working Together for Children) you should contact Cafcass Cymru: [email protected].

There’s more information about the course on the SPIP factsheet and the SPIP handbook.


Being ordered to attend by the court


Courts have the power, by making a court order, to ‘direct’ parents to attend a programme aimed at promoting safe contact with children. Cafcass is usually asked to advise the court if it is suitable for you.

You can be ordered to go to a SPIP (there is no charge for Cafcass service user to attend) and/or to a Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM).


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