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The practice aids below are derived from a range of sources and some are not Cafcass original documents. Each practice aid has been identified for use by Cafcass staff. Information on the source of each document is referenced in the further information section below.  

Resources for care planning and reducing delay for children

ResourceGuidance on useSource
12 step practice aid for assessing reunification An analytical practice aid which can be used to consider risks to the child/ren, should they return home to their previous caregivers. This was the practice aid looked at in detail on the Child Protection Decision Making training. For further detail on its use individual or group training can be commissioned.Bentovim et al (2009)
NSPCC resources on reunificationNSPCC resources on reunification- The Framework describes good social work practice in the specific context of reunification work. As such, the content including the skills, knowledge and tasks, will be familiar to social work and social care professionals. The additional benefit of the Framework is that it applies the key messages from reunification research to social work practice.NSPCC
Coram BAFF resources 

Resources from CoramBAAF and the Public Law Working Group regarding best practice in Special Guardianship support plans

Special Guardianship Support summary.pdf (

Special Guardianship Resource Pack For England | Lancaster University (

Microsoft Word - Special guardianship BPG report.docx (

Special Guardianship Order (SGO) guidanceLegal advice and links to significant judgements in this area of practiceCafcass
IRO protocolThe guidance has been developed in response to the need to agree a clear understanding of the statutory roles and interface between Cafcass and the Independent Reviewing ServiceCafcass