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Secure Accommodation, Deprivation of Liberty and Recovery Orders.

The practice aids below are derived from a range of sources and some are not Cafcass original documents. Each practice aid has been identified for use by Cafcass staff. Information on the source of each document is referenced in the further information section below.  

Resources for secure accommodation, deprivation of liberty and recovery orders

Guidance on deprivation of liberty This guidance sets out the legal framework for authorisation to deprive a child of their liberty where it is not authorised by a Secure Accommodation Order, the Mental Health Act 1983, Coronavirus Act 2020 or the criminal justice systemCafcass
Guidance on secure accommodation
This guidance sets out the legal framework and the role of the Children’s Guardian in applications for Secure Accommodation Orders (SAOs) under s25 of the Children Act 1989.
The guidance also covers specific issues Guardians may face when dealing with secure accommodation orders, including separate legal representation, children attending hearings and the approach to be taken when working with older children.