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The Family Justice Young People’s Board publishes its first book: In Our Shoes


The Family Justice Young People’s Board (FJYPB) is sharing the stories of its members in its first book: In Our Shoes, which is published today by Shared Press and available to download.

One of the greatest strengths of the board members lies in their willingness and ability to share their experiences of the family justice system. In Our Shoes collects members’ experiences of family court proceedings, family conflict and health and wellbeing, as well as capturing the positive impact that listening can have for children and young people.

The FJYPB advocates relentlessly for the voices of children and young people to be heard and considered throughout and after family court proceedings. By sharing the In Our Shoes stories, the FJYPB hopes that there will be increased understanding of the unique experiences of young people, including ways in which to share best practice with professionals working in the family justice system.

Cafcass is delighted to sponsor the publication of In Our Shoes which builds on the daily and critical contributions that the FJYPB make to Cafcass and made in respect of our new practice framework.

Cafcass Chief Executive Jacky Tiotto said:

“If you have heard any of these stories directly and personally, you will know they are compelling and beyond informative. As adults, we forget at our peril, the impact that parental conflict, complex court proceedings and prolonged uncertainty have on children. The purpose of the publication is to help us all as professionals to understand and listen to their experiences through their memories and words. Each story is accompanied by hints and tips about the ‘take away’ issues to note. It’s a really fantastic source of wisdom which I think will also help policy makers to think about improvements to the family justice system so that children really can be front and centre of all proceedings about them. We are so lucky to be able to work alongside brave and courageous children and young people who are willing to use their own difficult experiences for the benefit of others. Please read this book on the day you get your hands on it!”

Members of the Family Justice Young People’s Board said:

In Our Shoes plays an integral part in expressing our voices in an honest way d through our diverse writing styles, each of which demonstrates our individuality but also connects us through such a personal title. Professionals, families and young people alike can learn from our experiences and know that they are not alone and encourage the ambition of achieving the best outcomes for everyone involved.

“We think professionals should read this book because this could perhaps guide them in future work with children in proceedings.. It may help them to understand what the child may prefer to happen. It may also help them understand how it could be changed to help the child feel more comfortable and knowledgeable about what is happening to them.”