Our diversity networks

We have a range of professional networks who provide the opportunity for colleagues to support and network with each other and help shape and inform best practice. They can be an important resource to help staff feel supported and listened to.


The overall aims of the Diversity Networks are to:

  • Provide a space for staff to support each other;
  • Build a sense of community across geographical boundaries;
  • Give a collective voice on issues;
  • Be a consultee for people and practice related diversity issues relevant to the network; and
  • Support the Diversity and Inclusion Strategy.


The aim of the Pride Network is to promote an inclusive working environment where those who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT+) or anywhere along the spectrums of both sexuality and/or gender identity, feel supported. We aim for this to be reflected in the service Cafcass provides to children, young people and families, and that this understanding should underpin all our work.

The network promotes LGBT+ issues within Cafcass and raises awareness. The network can also be contacted by staff for support, advice or further signposting towards national or local resources.


The Kaleidoscope Diversity Network is a confidential support group within Cafcass which provides a safe space for African, African Caribbean, Asian and other ethnic minority heritage colleagues to support each other.

They seek to build a sense of community across geographical boundaries whether North, East West or South; regardless of region and give a collective voice on issues impacting individuals, Cafcass and practice. They act as consultee for people and practice related diversity issues relevant to the network.

The Kaleidoscope Network seek to promote the needs of our members across diverse racial origins in order to positively influence practice, staff retention, career progression and recruitment across all levels of the organisation.

Mental Health

The Mental Health Network is a safe space for colleagues to discuss Mental Health and find support and advice. The network holds weekly coffee and catch ups, teams chat for support and sharing resources, formal network meetings and raised awareness of mental health in Cafcass.

Faith Network

The Faith Network is for anyone who is part of, or has an interest in faith, both religious and non-religious. Members don’t need to be part of a religious or spiritual faith community to join – the network is also open to anyone with an interest in engaging in open non-judgemental conversation about faith-related topics.

The network holds regular meetings to provide a space for Cafcass staff/network members to engage in open non-judgmental conversation about faith related topics. They seek to raise awareness and understanding throughout Cafcass of Faith and Spirituality and to promote sensitive and inclusive practice with children and adults.

The network provides support, guidance and advice to staff within Cafcass and support the Diversity and Inclusion Strategy

Carers Network

The Carers network is a group of diverse Cafcass staff who have a range of caring responsibilities for our family or friends. They are committed to raising awareness of some of the challenges working carers can face and the qualities carers bring to Cafcass. They have been involved in developing policy and training to raise awareness and support for our staff.

The network offers mutual support and advice, regular coffee catch ups, formal meetings and campaigns to develop carer friendly practice and policies.

Ability Matters

Ability Matters is a staff network supporting staff with disabilities and long-term health conditions. It is a safe space for discussion, and raises awareness of issues that may affect Cafcass staff and the children and families with whom we work. The network highlights potential practice improvements in our work with children and families.

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