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Child arrangements after divorce and separation

If you’re splitting up, divorcing, or you’ve been separated for a while, you might find that sorting out the practicalities can feel overwhelming, especially if you have children. But there are tools and information which can help you and your family through separation.

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Care proceedings

If a local authority has serious concerns about the safety or welfare of a child, it can apply to the court for permission to take action to protect the child. These are called ‘care’ or ‘supervision’ proceedings. After receiving an application from a local authority, the court will then usually request for Cafcass to become involved in the case. Children can be taken into care when they are:

  • suffering, or are likely to suffer, serious harm from the way they are looked after;
  • beyond the control of a parent or carer.

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Adoption proceedings

Adoption is a legal decision that permanently transfers parental responsibility for a child from one family to another. The role of Cafcass during the adoption process depends on whether or not the birth parents agree to the adoption.

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There are two types of adoption where Cafcass may be involved.   Non-agency adoption The court may ask Cafcass to become involved in cases where […]

Improving Child and Family Arrangements

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Care proceedings

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Child Contact Interventions

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Divorce and separation

  Cafcass becomes involved in cases only at the request of the court. After the court has received the application from either you or the […]

Domestic abuse

Our primary role, in every case we’re involved with, is to safeguard the child and ensure that their best interests are represented within the court […]


When a child is born through surrogacy, the intended parents will need to apply to the court for a parental order. This transfers legal parenthood […]

Directory of Providers

  This directory contains details of the Providers that are commissioned, and funded, to deliver services by Cafcass on behalf of the Ministry of Justice […]

Resources for parents and carers

On this page you will find information, resources and links to organisations that could help with a range of different topics. Click the titles to see […]

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