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Research Advisory Committee

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Research Advisory Committee

This page gives information about the Cafcass Research Advisory Committee. The Committee provides advice to Cafcass on any research applications we receive and considers the potential impact on children, families and the family justice system if the research were to be approved. 

We want to make sure that we only provide data to research projects that are of a high standard and will add value to the family justice system. Research Advisory Committee members provide important, independent oversight and scrutiny on research applications looking to use our data.

What is the Cafcass Research Advisory Committee?

The Research Advisory Committee provides us with advice on research applications received for our data. It is formed of senior Cafcass staff, external experts, members of the Family Justice Young People’s Board, and our Board sponsor. 

The Committee’s objectives are to:

  • provide oversight and advice on research applications against our criteria in the Research Governance Framework; 
  • provide information and insight on emerging research relevant to our work; and
  • help set the research agenda so that we can better address research gaps in the family justice system alongside our key partners.

The Committee meets formally twice a year. External members of the Research Advisory Committee act independently in their own professional capacity, are not employees of Cafcass and do not represent the views of the organisation.

Who are the Committee members?